Friday, April 13, 2012

Running Playlist: a 'must-have'!

I'm feeling a bit down & discouraged right now because I'm out of commish at the running for a week (maybe 2)...I felt GREAT on Saturday, hitting just about 10 miles during a 2hr run...then on Monday I  did 5 miles in an hour...but now I think I have the beginnings of 'posterior shin splints'...since we just up'd our intervals to 1/4's, thus increasing our mileage/time.

I saw my doc on Tuesday after work and am waiting for a referral to see a PT that can help me get through this so I can continue training properly for our race, which is just 7 short weeks away. I'm actually jealous when I'm driving and see other runner's hitting the pavement  :'-(

So with this extra downtime, I thought I'd share my running music selection. I use MOG for my's a pretty awesome app, recommended by my sis. It contains 46 songs, equaling about 3 hours.... I hope I can finish the race in much less time! We will see...

Anyway...I keep it on shuffle so I don't hear the same songs over & over...and I think this list kicks "A"!! It definitely helps push me through my runs. Any other recommendations I should I before race day??

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  1. I love your site. My goal is to run a 1/2 marathon and just got started. Looking for a good trainer (do you think that would be good)... Thanks for sharing your stories, it's awesome! Celia


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