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25 Things About Me 
Me - at lunch with my work team at "George's La Jolla" - best view!!
Picture taken for my work, for my 5-yr anniversary!

1. Bananas are simply the BEST thing on this planet – if you know me, you should seriously know this. Banana pie, yogurt, plain bananas (on or in a lot of things), banana taffy, bread, muffins, pudding, CAKE…Banana Cherrios…banana pancakes (Pancake House!!). I also saw banana syrup that looked interesting…but idk…I think I may have been a chimpanzee in another life perhaps.

2. I have an insane “popping” habit that I developed because of my boyfriend in 2nd grade…my chewing gum, knuckles, wrists, toes, neck, elbows, back, chest, ankles…and sometimes my hips.

3. I love Angelina Jolie – especially in Gia & Girl Interrupted…she’s amazing & gorgeous. This is partially the reason why Kapri got "Jolie" for her middle name...which also means "pretty" in French :-)

4. I’m way too organized and sometimes spend way too much time doing it. My sister thinks it’s slightly unhealthy…a little OCD.

5. I could eat a huge bowl of tortilla chips plain…no guac, no salsa, no cheese, just plain…all in one sitting.

6. I’m addicted to my EOS chapstick & Nivea body lotion

7. I despise vegetables…my life would be so much easier if I liked them - but I am getting better as I get older, and having a kid that I need to set a good example for.

8. My favoritest sound (next to Kapri's adorable giggle) is the noise from a bottle of wine, when pouring the very 1st glass. I smile every single time...no joke, ask my husband.

9. Google Maps on my phone has saved my life on more than one occasion…not quite sure what I’d do without it actually.

10. I spend an abnormal amount of time in front of the mirror…either doing my makeup, my hair, deciding what to wear or tweezing stray annoying eyebrow hairs.

11. I have a shopping/spending problem. Period.

12. I’m a total ‘sifter’…I will spend hours sifting through clothing stores, like ROSS for example – just to find a deal! It’s sick really.

13. A glass of cab, a baguette of French bread & dipping oil with Italian seasonings, some HOT brie, and roasted rosemary garlic would be my all time fav meal.  Yes...meal.

14. I don’t think I’ll ever leave San Diego again (Chico was far enough)…it’s just too awesome here in “America’s Finest City”!! Good weather, shopping, food, tons to do, the BEACH, my fam, James’ fam, my wonderful friends…why would I want to leave? A lil fire or earthquake, even insane housing prices isn’t enough to force me outta here.

15. Even though I’m a very thrifty shopper, if I had a million dollars, I could TOTALLY spend it all in a day…maybe less than that. You name it, clothes, shoes, house, car, jewelry, hair/makeup products, hair extensions, boobies, lipo, a few Starbucks trips here & there…I seriously could do it…if only someone would dare me & just hand me a wad of cash…hummm. Wow...11, 12 & 15 are kinda all the same.

16. I really HATE the words: Prego, Preggers and Hella...ugh...make it stop!

17. However I do like the words: Whatev, Perhaps, Hiya, Otay, IDK, and many other expletives that are most commonly used when sharing the road with some of the idiot drivers of the world…

18. Which reminds me…here are my pet peeves in life:

        a. People that can't drive, mainly those who insist on never using a blinker...it's really NOT that hard.
        b. Radio static
        c. Closed-minded people

19. I LOVED being pregnant…it’s the one & only time in your life that your huge protruding belly is actually “cute” and people just love to touch it!! I don’t mind at all, but it’s just funny! You pig out, you waddle, you can have major pregnancy brain, or can be gassy on the regular…and people really don’t mind…they know it’s all part of the package & what a miracle happens after all that.

20. When I was 15/16 back in high school, I NEVER would’ve thought that James would’ve asked me to marry him or that he would’ve knocked me up by the time I was 26 – but thank goodness for it all – not sure my life would’ve been complete without him.

21. Pinterest is the best invention ever. Why didn't I think of that...

22. I also really wish I had perfectly straight teeth, like celebrities…I guess I could add this to #15 and get veneers as part of my spending spree!

23. Being a mom is what I do best.

24. I hate crocs....as in the shoes... hate.

25. I love finding new blogs to get ideas for fun crafts/projects....my list of to-do's is rather long. Can I please just get paid to craft 8 hours a day, everyday?!


Now YOU know my ABC's:

A. Age: 30 (as of 2012) – dang that sounds old when you actually type it out.

B. Bed size: King - never going back to anything smaller.

C. Chore you hate: ALL of them. Ugh. I wish I had the money for a full time housecleaner… but doing the dishes & putting away endless loads of clean laundry would be the top 2 I despise the most.

D. Dogs: We used to have a puggle pup named Mika. She could lick someone all. day. long. if that someone allowed her to. She now resides happily with my co-worker and another dog-friend to play with all day long.

E. Essential start to your day: brush teeth, MASCARA & coffee – all are essential in my book (among other things…but those would be the top 3).

F. Favorite color: Green…..or black…or white – ugh. ALL THREE, together. BAM.

G. Gold or silver: hummmm…a few years ago I wouldn’t hesitate to blurt out “SILVER, duh!” at my monitor… but gold has really made a bold comeback, in a non-cheesy kind of way. So, I’ll go with…nahhh, I’ll stick with silver, like my purty engagement/wedding rings!  :-P

H. Height: 5’3” – LOVE my height, it allows for fun, tall shoesies!

I. Instruments: Does my daughter count?? I remember when she became obsessed with Britney’s song “Til the World Ends”….my fault, yes I know. But it really is a catchy, fun song to dance to.  “WOAH OH OH OH OH OH WOAH OH OH OH...” She sings it, no joke.

J. Job title:  Marketing Specialist (by day)…but I prefer mommy/blogger/crafter/small biz owner/entrepreneur!

K. Kids: One little love muffin named Kapri…we’re are definitely GOOD with ONE right now…phew.

L. Live: B.E.A.uuuuutiful city of Encinitas, (San Diego), CA. Never leaving. Ever.

M. Mom’s name: Mona

N. Nicknames: Mamma lately…but in middle school one guy called me “Cali”, back when that song “California Love” came out, by 2Pac…“shake it shake it baby
Shake it shake it mama
Shake it Cali
Shake it shake it baby
Shake it shake it shake it shake it...

O. Overnight hospital stays: Once after the birth of Kapri…haziest night ever. I think they served me a weird tasting “Uncrustables” PB&J things…ew. And another time for Kapri…oye vay. Not a fun memory.

P. Pet peeve: Radio static, people who don’t use blinkers, the noise my husband makes when he blows his nose – not even kidding it sounds like a fog horn!!! I still love you honey!!!

Q. Quote from a movie: awwwwww, you guys made me INKKKK!!
R. Right or left handed: righty – both James & I are…but I think Kapri has been favoring both… maybe she's ambidextrous!!

S. Siblings: 2 younger sisters, Chelsea & KayLee…then 2 sister-in-laws and 1 brother-in-law! All my favs.

T. Time you wake up: eh…on weekdays my alarm is set for 4:45, but I lag, & it’s been more like, 5:30. Whoops. Weekends is allllways 7:30am, on the DOT...Kapri has an internal clock I swear!

U. Underwear: my favs are usually cozy 'boy shorts' (why are they called that??!)…those are for around the house/sleeping though…they’d be weird with black work pants or a tight pencil skirt, haha.

V. Vegetables you dislike: All of them…okay fine, except for corn, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers & artichokes. I can have other things, but they have to be finely minced up & chopped up…and well disguised amongst other foods that I DO like ;-)

W. What makes you run late: Going to bed too late the night before, due to crafting or trying to squeeze in another recorded TV show. OR, having nothing fit me correctly in the morning…making me try on 75829034 different outfits. SO annoying.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Hum...teeth xrays...like this one. Ah memories. OH, and I had some for my left shoulder when I got rear-ended while I lived in Chico. I was driving to see a friend in SF, when a CalTrans truck hit me...not fun.

Y. Yummy food you make: I have this breakfast casserole recipe that is SOOOOO amazing. Wish I could make it everyday. OR, geez...what am I saying...the yummiest food I make is anything with bananas in it…I can make a mean banana crumb muffin!
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