Friday, June 25, 2010

$400 later...hopefully not more

Did you ever think that a nasty case of food poisoning could put a huge hole in your wallet? NO you say? Well read on...

The Tuesday following Father's Day, James called me around 7am while I was at work. He asked me if I was feeling okay, I was...however he was not, he'd thrown up twice since 6am. Great. I chalked it up to some sketchy jalapenos he ate the night before with our leftovers from the food at his dad's BBQ. We still to this day have no idea exactly WHAT it was that made us this sick. We just threw out everything we ate on Monday night. Thank GOD Kapri didn't have any of what we ate. Could you imagine?? geeeezzz

An hour later...major cramps, bubble guts I call em. Right in the middle of a little training with a co-worker. That marked the 1st of too many trips to the bathroom. Finally around 1pm, I called it quits...I wasn't getting better, so I headed home. The nausea continued & worsened. James was able to sleep for a bit. Then around 4:30pm I could barely lift myself off the bathroom floor, I was SO weak & dehydrated. I managed to get up the stairs and into our bedroom where James slept so peacefully. I walked in the door, he woke up and I lost it. I started sobbing & feel to the floor...curled up in the fetal position...WHEN WILL THIS ENDDD?! I told me to get in bed as he went down to be with Kapri. Poor thing was kinda neglected all damn day.

I tried to sleep, couldn't really with how uncomfortable I was. Aches, pains, cramps, nausea - so not fun. I hadn't eaten or drank anything, except Instant Breakfast on the way to work, and a little coffee at work, which all came back up anyway. Oh, and I was able to keep down about 4 saltines. Then around 9:30pm I rolled over, telling James I HAD to go to sleep & get better because I had my review at work the next day. An hour later, my stomach was acting up again. I got up quick & headed to the I did, I felt faint, oh god....I was blacking out. I suddenly had tunnel vision...all I could think was GET TO THE BATHROOM! I sat down & thought "phew, I made it". Then I remember swaying front & back...I was passing out fast, but trying not to. The next thing I knew...James was yelling my name from the bathroom door...He had been downstairs when he heard a loud thud (me falling over & hitting the WALL with my FACE) and ran up to find out what was going on. When I came to, I realized I was no longer sitting on the toilet, but laying face down on the floor...and something weird was in my mouth.

I reached in, picked something off my tongue...HOLY tooooth!! James is calling my name over & over & I can't respond...I'm in shock. What the hell happened, where am I...Finally I opened the door, tell him my tooth was chipped, that I fainted, then I fell back to the floor crying and totally confused. James was trying to take my temp, because I was sweating & looked so pale. He tried to get me to drink water but I couldn't. Finally he got me back to the bed, when all of a sudden my hands started cramping up, like a gnarly 'charley horse'. It got worse & worse...until I told him to call 911 - we were SO scared. James couldn't even say our correct address...we were both frantic.

A few minutes later I was surrounded by 5 EMT's/Firemen, one on the bed with a huge machine, taking my vitals...another to my left, telling me to breath..calm down. I tried. I failed. "Just tell me what's wrong with my hands", I cried. He told me it was due to hyperventilation...and just breatttthe to stop it. I tried. I thought of myself in the labor room...breathing I was good at. However tonight I was incapable of calming down. I had so many thoughts...don't wake up Kapri, I don't want her to see me like TOOTH...omg, how much is that gonna cost?? How much is a trip to the ER, in an ambulance gonna cost?? Are my neighbors seeing this? Holy crap, I don't have a bra on...How embarrassing. It was seriously the worst real nightmare ever. Then the cramping got worse, my feet started cramping, then my mouth, then my chest/rips - that's when they looked at James & said they needed to take me to the ER now. I managed to get down the stairs, as the cramping lessened, then hoped up onto a stretcher. Wow, is this really happening?? Yep.

A short ambulance trip later around 10:45pm, I was chillin out in the ER - an hour goes by, and still no IV drip. So. Thirrrrstyyy. Finally James arrives (with some water thank god) after his mom went to stay with Kapri at our house. Then the nurses/doc finally come in, hook me up, give me some meds to stop the cramping in my stomach & some anti-nausea stuff. We didn't leave til around 2:30am.

What a day. PS...there's a little dented in hole the size of a pea, just above the baseboard where I think my tooth hit - how crazy is that? How did I even manage to do that? No idea.

The next day I woke up at 7:45am & called my dentist immediately - obviously I wasn't going to work anymore, but this damn tooth had to get fixed that day! They told me to come in right away & they'd squeeze me in. 2 hours & $400 later...a new me! Now these pics I'm bravely posting are totally disgusting, I look beyond haggard, but who wouldn't after the night I went through right?? While I was waiting forever in the ER, all started thinking about how hilarious this blog post would be later, not right at that moment of course, but I knew I'd laugh at this one day. PS...the cost was for the cheaper acrylic based repair. $2400 would've gotten me fancy porcelain veneer repairs (see the screen shot below), I'll pass (for now) thanks.


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