Monday, June 21, 2010

Dadda's Day

For some reason, James & I both feel like this is his 1st Father's Day - but it's not, haha. I think since last year, we were still in zombie-new-parent mode, that it was easily forgotten...sad but true. Actually, come to think of it, I have no idea what we did last year...Kapri was a month old, dang...I really can't remember. I'm going to have to go look back at pics or my blog for around that time.

Anyway - we've had such perfect weather this past week...usually we get the dreaded 'June Gloom' that hangs out all around the coastline, not fun. But this weekend has been quite the opposite. So we headed over to where else, Moonlight Beach for some fun in the sun. We only got to stay for an hour or so, since we had to go back home, shower up, change & drive over to James' dad's house for a family bbq...which was delish as always. Carne & pollo asada, corn tortillas, cilantro, cotija cheese, gauc, chips/salsa...and of course Coronas - the perfect meal.

This year Kapri & I surprise dadda with a "Father's Day" picture book - which worked out great because it was a way to get the whole 1st year of pics with Kapri & James all together in one little book. I used a fantastic website called Mixbook - it's seriously like an online scrapbook type of site, everything is customizable - so naturally I spent an insane amount of time putting it together & making sure each tiny little thing was in the right place. It came out great & he totally loved it, YAY go me!

CLICK HERE to view it online, I HIGHLY recommend this site for all your photobook needs :-)


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