iTAN Reviews

My 10-week "Bronze & Beautiful Makeover Challenge"
offered by iTAN Solariums... an 'A-List Best Tanning Salon in San Diego'

 Weekly Challenge Reviews:
YAY, I'm a winner!!
Week 1 Review (9/25/11)
Week 2 Review (10/2/11)
Week 3 Review (10/9/11)
Week 4 Review (10/16/11)
Week 5/6 Review (10/30/11)
Week 7/8 Review (11/13/11)
Week 9/10 Review including Before & After Pics (11/20/11)
iTAN Services Available to Utilize During Challenge:

The Lumiére Skin Rejuvenation facial soothing system effectively removes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots while enhancing your skin's overall appearance. Lumiére utilizes powerful LED technology to dramatically and painlessly give you radiant results. Light your way to clear skin with three treatment protocols: repairing, firming or clearing.

*Level 5 booth or Sun Angel booth*
Level 5:
The Level 5 is the most powerful bed using high pressure technology to give you the darkest and longest lasting color. Features:, Mostly UV-A bronzing rays and light UV-B melanin-boosting rays, Dual fan cooling system for adjustable body and face ventilation, European high-pressure technology, Body contoured to maximize comfort, Side tanners and adjustable facial tanners, Stereo sound system
Sun Angel:
The Sun Angel uses new technology that calculates a personalized tanning schedule that virtually eliminates overexposure. Features: precision sensor calculates perfect blend of UV-A bronzing rays and light UV-B melanin-boosting rays to match each individual skin type, Temptronic Plus Climate Control System,  European high-pressure technology, Body contoured to maximize comfort, including a head and foot rest,Side tanners, shoulder tanners and adjustable facial tanners,Audio guided control and 3-D stereo system,Adjustable aqua mist and aroma refreshing spray
*Hydration Station*
The Hydration Station infuses your skin with revitalizing moisture, aromatherapy, heat and steam during this soothing spa experience. Ensure longer lasting UV and spray tanning results with a 20-minute Hydration Station session prior to tanning. Your skin will feel rehydrated and have a healthy glow after experiencing this replenishing service. The Hydration Station provides natural moisturization, while boosting the effectiveness of nutrients in skincare products at the same time.

*Beauty Angel*
The Beauty Angel Skin Rejuvenation reduces the appearance of fine line lines, wrinkles and cellulite while stimulating circulation throughout your entire body. The Beauty Angel experience begins with total body exposure to visible red light energy (non-UV) wavelengths, which promotes skin regeneration and collagen stimulation. The vibra-shape powered massage and muscle stimulating platform tightens connective tissue and relieves muscle tension. The application of vitamin enriched, aloe infused pro-collagen skin care formulations enhances the overall effectiveness of the complete system.

*FIT bodywrap*
The FIT Bodywrap is a calorie burning and detoxifying machine that slims, tones, defines and reduces fat and cellulite throughout your body. The FIT Bodywrap aids in the breakdown of fat tissue with the use of Far infrared (FIR) energy. This leads to calorie loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite. FIR energy falls within the same family of Infrared Rays in the light spectrum, but has longer wavelengths, similar to UV rays. FIR energy is beneficial to everyone because it can be easily absorbed by the body. When FIR penetrates the skin, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within deep layers of tissues causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, which promotes better blood circulation. The FIT Bodywraps apply heat to the body, which eliminates toxins and metabolic wastes by increasing sweat production. This can also lead to faster recovery of aching and injured muscles.

**I've done this once before - read review HERE**

iTAN Products Received to Utilize During Challenge:
Cypher Face
Dark Sexy Legs (or Bronze Minerals Legs)
iTAN After Glow
'Ttoo Lips
Versa Spa Amplifier
Fit Booster
Slimline Tri-Kit
Beauty Angel Effect
Beauty Angel Focus
Beauty Angel Replenish
Lumiere 30-day at home care kit
Lumiere Serum
Lumiere Brightening Serum
Mystic Tri-Kit
3 teeth whitening trays
Teeth Whitening to-go pen

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