Friday, September 9, 2011

Bronze & Beautiful Makeover Challenge...winner!!

Can this really be true? Am I dreaming?? 
Did I really REALLY just WIN a 10-week makeover?!

YEP!!!  I sure freakin did!!! I LOVE  iTan!!  thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I practically fell over when I read the email from iTan, explaining that they recieved my entry & had been selected as a finalist in their "Bronze & Beautiful Makeover Challenge". Finalist meaning I, along with 9 others, will all have 10-weeks {beginning 9/15/11 through 11/27/11} of unlimited access to ALL of iTan's fabulous Sun / Spray / Spa services, along with a ridiculously lengthy list of products we'd get to use. There's no 'winner' at the end, so it's really just up to each of us to stick to the 10-weeks & utilize all these FREE services & products to our advantage. What they get in return, are our detailed reviews & use of our pics. Would you like to see exactly which services & products I'm talking about?? Yes, I know you would... check em out here ;-)  I am SO excited!
holy wow...look at all this STUFF...for FREE!
I thought this was just too damn good to be true. Then once I received the official rules & 'recommended regimen', I thought, "holy crap...I'm going to be a friggin slave to iTan....I'll have to go literally every single day for 10 weeks straight, just so I can keep up with the recommended use for each service". But guess what? I. Don't. Care! It's only 10-weeks of my life...and for the last month I've been yearning for the motivation to get my butt in gear & lose a little weight {about 15 lbs} & really tone up before fall/winter... which means I'll have to fit into my skinny jeans again. Oye vay. I really want to have drastic before & after photos, so my dedication towards this is critical!

I've created a full day-to-day calendar, which will begin on Sun. 9/18/11 & end on Sun. 11/27/11 - just 3 days shy of my 29th bday, yay!! It'll help me schedule when I have time, in-between my full-time day job, part-time biz orders, & night-time wife/mommy duties, to do each specific service...mainly at the Encinitas, Del Mar & P.B. locations. I'll be blogging week by week, as well as a few "Vlogs" {per iTan's request}, covering all my experiences with the services & products throughout this 'challenge'. And of course I'll post before, during & after photos, in addition to my measurements and any weight loss that I happily drop off! Wish me luck everyone!!


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