Monday, September 12, 2011

For all you Bachelor Pad viewers...

I was recently invited by a dear friend to attend the grand opening of Jesse Kovacs new 'wine bar' - which is inside an adorrrable little La Jolla boutique, owned by his GF, Summer Albertson. Together they merged their respective businesses into one, appropriately named "Blended Industries". Love. They are one seriously hot couple!

My sister & I had a blast checking out all the fabulous clothes, sipping on yummy wine, conversing with a few of the people from the show...weird, & taking some fun pics. We also entered a raffle, I lucky me (think I'm on a winning streak at the moment)...I won a 1/2 case of Kovacs Brothers Wine - YAY!!

We then finished off the night enjoying some incredible food next door, at Sushi on the Rock...while sitting directly next to Kipton/Tenley (another adorable couple!) & Mike Stagliano (heart him...feel sooo bad for the news he was blind-sighted by on the season finale!).
Such a fab night!!


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