Monday, May 24, 2010

A mother's love

The day has gone as quickly as it came…yesterday we finally had the party with our friends & fam, for our lil muffin Kapri’s very 1st birthday!!! The night before, my sis KayLee & I SLAVED for hours constructing a special “Kapri Jolie” picture-timeline banner and making a crap-ton of cupcakes. Literally we were up til 11:30ish........
......then had to yank ourselves out of slumber at 4:15 a.m., so we could load up my car & head down to the park…which opened at 5 a.m. – we HAD to be the first there to get the gazebo area & 3 picnic tables FIRST!!

Our luck…it was already.
set up.
...from the night before!!!!!!


Literally, there was yellow caution tape wrapped pretty securly around the entire perimeter of the gazebo...all the tables were covered with table clothes (strapped down with duct tape underneath) and they put up a janky cardboard sign that said "reserved for a party on May 23rd"...ummm, NOT ON MY WATCH! I read the City of Encinitas' website, there are NO reservations for this's strictly 1st come 1st serve... we were there FIRST. So, down came the caution tape...and down everything else. It was pitch flickery light in the gazebo, and freezing cold because this was the windiest day of the entire year, I swear!

So once we got everything taken down & put aside, we tried desperately to put on our table dice. The stupid tape we brought was not having it with these tables. So we spread out all our stuff amongst the 3 tables and sat there, waiting, shivering, wrapped in blankets....until 30 minutes later when another lady arrived and headed straight for us. O....M....F....G!!!!

She came up to us, asked why we took down all her I sat there, I firmly stood my ground - WE were here first, WE followed the rules lady. You got here technically you had this spot yesterday, not today & I. AM. NOT. MOVING.

She barely put up a fight...all the while, I had major bubble guts from the 30 min. prior, imagining some crazy group of people giving us the beat down for literally ripping off their stuff from the spot. Lucky for us, she just took her stuff & moved it to another area across the park. Thank god.

OH, and later in the morning...the 'park monitor' guy came by & mentioned to me, that he had told the other party the night before, THREE times, that they couldn't set it up to reserve it for the next day...they were even trying to STAY the night there!!! Really?? They claimed to not speak/understand English...but that was a crock of sh!t because they're janky sign was clearly written IN ENGLISH...and, the lady seemed to understand me quite well. lame-O!

We waited there til 8ish when my awesome mother in law & her BF came down to take over. Then we finally went out to get some coffee & breakfast muffin at Starbucks, filled up some 1st bday balloons, then went home to get ready. This is a mother's love right?? See what we go through??! hahaha

I'll have a nice big post full of pics soon, I promise!! xoxo


  1. You forgot to mention you tried to roust my sorry ass out of bed at 5 a.m. for alleged "protection." You rock girl! What a fantastic mommy you are!

  2. wow! you are one committed Mama!

  3. LOL!!! You are freakin' hilarious ... Love it!

  4. I know I never comment but I want you to know I LOVE your blog!! You are such a great little story teller. I can HEAR your voice! I love you and you are a such an amazing mother. xoxo


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