Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shower expected, no umbrella needed

I spent this afternoon with some fun girls down at a STUNNING Coronado beach house, celebrating our friend Michele’s bridal shower.

She look amazing of course, in her adorable white sundress...and we are LOVING her darker hair! There was yummy food, delish sangria made by Big C & a bubbly, fruity, spritzer type drink made by Niki and lots of wonderful gifts to watch Michele be 'showered' with.

The day started off a little cloudy & cool...but ended up being a seriously beautiful San Diego day. As I walked into this house & upstairs to join the party...I was met with an insane view of the good ol Pacific Ocean. I wanted to STEAL this's like the perfect getaway spot down the Silver Strand on Coronado island.

I stole this last pic from her FB page...aren't they the cutest???

OH…and side note….
Kapri is finally sitting ‘forward facing’ in her convertible carseat…such a big girl!!

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  1. I love the layout of your blog Calista. It's SOOO you! Isn't this a great forum to keep people informed of your life? You, James, and Kapri, what a wonderful family....

    Love ya,

    Unc Gus


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