Friday, May 21, 2010

12-Month Checkup

K & I got to go see her awesome ped, Dr. Mendenhall today for her 12-month checkup. Sheesh, I remember the 1st day we brought Kapri in to see her, literally 2 days after she was born. I remember every needle the nurses had to put in her thigh for her immunization shots, I remember fighting back tears while she pierced her tiny 4-month old ears, I remember nursing in the room while we waited. I will always remember.

Her stats still show she’s a big girl…so that’s good…she’s gotta keep up with that “chunk chunk” nickname!! Haha

Weight = 24.12 lbs (90%)
Height = 31.6" (97%)

Later today we went to Niki's and Kapri got her first lil hair"trim" wish I had a pic of that event...but the only other person in the room was baby Peirce...doubt he would've gotten the right angle, HA. But she chilled out on my lap & watched Yo Gabba Gabba (ugh, painful for me...such joy for her)...She did great & her hair is FAB! Also, just a few days before, Auntie Manda came over to give K a lil pink pedi...a girl's gotta primp & prep for her own party right?!! DUH!


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