Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainy Day - Fun Indoor Games

We had a BLAST of cold weather & rain recently (like a low of 25...for San Diego it was seriously freezing!!) - which kept us indoors - which typically means a VERY antsy child! So one night I scoured Pinterest for 'indoor things to do' with kids and was sold on this fishing game and this indoor hopscotch game.

So I headed to Joann's to stock up on the supplies needed. I picked up some heavyweight cloth fabric, a bunch of different colored felt squares, 3 wooden dowels, a pack of circle magnets, paperclips, and spray adhesive. 

Fishing Game:
For the fish, instead of making them out of paper...I opted for felt. So I just made 2 templates of big & small sized fish, then traced them onto various felt colors & cut them out. Of course I had to add a felt eye and draw on mouths with a sharpie. Then I attached a paper clip to each 'mouth' of the fishies. 

 photo IndoorFishingPics2_zps40c17b1c.jpg

For the fishing poles, I took each wooden rod and tied/glued on some yarn. Then glued a magnet to the other end of the yarn - it worked perfectly and K was so excited to 'fish' in the living room with us!
 photo IndoorFishingPics1_zps3b56c0f9.jpg

The one who 'catches' the most felt fish wins.

 photo IndoorFishingPics3_zpsb7e36b8f.jpg

Hopscotch Game:
K loves hopscotch on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, but of course that's not possible when it's freezing cold & rainy outside. So one must improvise.

I bought 2 yards of cream colored heavy cloth type of material. Then I drew on the numbers by hand, onto each felt would've turned out more uniform had I printed out numbers, traced them, THEN cut them out....but I decided that wasn't super important - especially to an antsy 3 year old!

 photo IndoorhopscotchGame_zps4b5a5b73.jpg

Then instead of glue-gunning EACH felt square onto the heavy cloth (like that pin had done), I decided it'd be way faster to use some spray adhesive - which worked just have to let it dry for a bit (we went to dinner right after & when we came back it was totally dry). 

 photo IndoorHopscotchGame1_zps6d30c1fc.jpg


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