Friday, January 4, 2013

Succulent Terrarium Gifts

New Year.

New Beginnings.

New Growth.

New Adventures.

I thought these little mini terrariums encompassed the traits of the New Year & would be a nice gift for a few occasions...


  • Small bowl - I scored mine at the Dollar Store!
  • Tiny rocks - again...Dollar Store for a pretty large bag full
  • Soil
  • Tiny succulent trimmings - I was able to raid my mom's lush garden, which was overflowing with succulents!
All I did was fill the bowl with a small layer of rocks, then a thick layer of soil. Then made little holes with my pinky for each trimming...then pushed the soil around each to secure. Then topped it off with another scattered layer of little rocks - easy, but time consuming if you're somewhat of a perfectionist like me!

I read online that they should only be watered about once every 7 days or so...with about 3 tablespoons of water - so fingers crossed each one survives!! haha

I made one each for my sister & sister-in-law, who are both headed off on new exciting journeys in their lives, at the same time even! So I gifted them both with one as a representation for all the 'new' they'll likely encounter in 2013. I'm so excited for them!!

I also made one for my mother-in-law for Christmas which she just LOVED (yay points for me! haha):


And these two I made for my boss and a co-worker...they add a nice touch of nature to our stuffy, indoor cubicles!

Now I have to make myself one for work! They are just too pretty :-)  Thanks for letting me use your garden mamma!! xoxo

**UPDATE - 2 months later (Mar. 11, 2013): My little succulent I made around the 2nd week of January is doing GREAT indoors, in my cubicle - it's even started sprouting 2 mini pink flowers (pic below)!! So glad it's doing well, I water it once  a week ;-)

succulent terrarium photo photo-1_zps4e87410d.jpg

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  1. I have been wanting to do something like this for some time! I love plants in my home and so do my cats. They like to eat them and then return the leaves in a messing pile somewhere else in my house. :(
    These would bring the green back and maybe be unappealing to the cats!

  2. Those are really cute. I need to try this to bring some green stuff to our living room.

    1. Thanks Ellen - I think we all could use a little extra green & a bit of nature to our homes ;-)

  3. I wanted to make some of these, and I was wondering if your trimmings ended up taking root. I was going to make them with some friends and i am afraid if I use cuttings, they will take them home and 2 weeks later they will be dead and not have rooted.

    1. Hi Jodi...I gave them as gifts to my co-workers about 3 weeks ago now, and they're still doing great! Succulent cuttings tends to take pretty well, but if at all possible get some of the root. Give it a try & let me know how they turn out! :-)

  4. Great idea!! I shared it on my blog today:


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