Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime Sicky

Well, another cold has hit the Mejia house...after a fun & sun-filled weekend (and 3 days straight in various pools), K came down with a mega cold. Sunday night I was literally up with her every 30-45 minutes as she cried out in pain...poor thing, she was unbearably uncomfortable. I was near tears at one point because I just felt soooo bad for her. I would've done anything just to take her pain & put it on me. Seeing her miserable like that just breaks my heart. Turns out as we took her to the doc first thing Monday morning, she was diagnosed with an ear infection in her right ear & beginning pneumonia - fabulous. Thankfully she's now on Amoxicillin and things are looking up. But of course now I have a little something...slight head cold, luckily nothing major like she had *sigh* I'm so OVER her getting seems to happen every month or so. What happens when we put her in day/play care?? sheesh!!

To cheer her (& I of course) up tonight, I made us some yummy after-dinner treats...chocolate dipped, sprinkled bananas with whipped cream & a red p.b. M&M on top! Easy & delish.


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