Monday, May 14, 2012

Mamma's Day 2012

A few early gifts I received this year...

1. A hilariously adorable Mother's Day card from Kapri, that she made at school:
2. A long, luxurious massage certificate from my sis Chelsea....she bought one for herself too, so we can get massages together the day after running the 1/2 marathon!!

3. A box of DElish 'bundtinis' from "Nothing Bundt Cakes"...curtesy of my fab sis-in-law Amanda:

Mother's Day started at 6am for me...yes, SIX in the morning. Insane right? Yeah, one may think so, especially on a day that mom's should be left to sleep in to their hearts desire... but when it came to a breakfast that I literally woke up thinking about...I was excited to get up & get ready! I was dressed & made-up by K up & ready...then left the house by 7:40.

Last year we ate at Brockton Villa, and it was so good, I decided we should make it an annual thing. I made reservations about a month ago to go there again....but even with that much time, I was only able to choose from 2 times...8:15 or 11:30 - I went for the earlier time. Same as last year. I enjoy having a full day when all 3 of us get the chance to spend the day together.

Thx for my mani/pedi gift certificate James & Kapri!! xoxo - Mamma
We arrived on time & hungry! Upon following the hostess to our seat, I was surprised & so happy to see that we got the SAME exact spot...which they claimed (last year) was the 'best seat in the house' -lucky us!!!

Then we walked down to pay a visit to the seals...Kapri loved them as usual...she has a pretty good seal call she makes too, haha!

After that we ran a few errands - including a trip to 2 furniture stores to *look* at potential bedroom sets for Miss Kapri ;-)

Then we can home so K could take a little nap...James went for a quick jog...and I had a nice quiet moment, with one of my "bundtinis" and a glass of Kovacks Muscat vino...mmmmm

Finally once Kapri woke up, we headed over to my mammas house for a yum dinner that my 2 sisters made... Pesto Shrimp Pasta and a White Veggie Pizza - both totally homemade and SO good... thx sisters!!! xoxo - we ate, drank, chatted & laughed...good times!


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