Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Oh Kapri - on this very late 'eve' of your third birthday (when I really should be sleeping!)... mamma feels the desire to reflect upon your last year, and how far you've much you've grown & learned.
You're obsessed with babies lately - real ones or your dolls. You have 4 baby dolls and at least one has to cuddle up & sleep with you each night. You love to read to your babies afternoon, you woke up from your nap and spent a good hour & 1/2 upstairs in your room reading to yourself - love that you love books. Your favs right now are anything by Dr. Seuss...which are so fun to read to you before bed!

You absolutely love preschool and adore your little friend 2 peas in a pod, both May babies...and so SO cute together! You paint like a pro and have gotten so great playing/sharing with all your schoolmates. You also have a very keen understanding of human emotions...if mommy lets out a sigh, you always ask me "mamma, are you mad/sad/happy/frustrated" - it's the cutest damn thing. So intuitive you are. Even when I'm stretching, you ask "mamma your leg hurts because you running" (knows I've been in some pain due to that). Then you hug my leg & tell me "it's gonna be okay mamma...just let it heal".

You've still not hit the "why" phase that everyone tells me you'll be in soon...however there was one, just one particular day where you randomly said 'why' about 7 times in a row...but that was short lived. Like I said, one moment in just one day, haha. So we'll see what happens with that as you enter your 3rd year.

You have a gorgeous head of hair that most women would kill for...and a pretty awesome pair of grey-blue eyes to top it off. When dry & curly, your hair is about 4.5" from your shoulders. Although while wet or stretched out, your hair is about 8.5" from your shoulders!!

You've grown so 3ft 3.5in - which is more than average kiddos your age (your in the 90th percentile for height!) and you weigh about 35 lbs. The personality you've developed is just the loving, affectionate, cuddly, helpful, spunky, and exceptionally refreshing.
Wearing her Princess shirt - excited for Disneyland tomorrow!!

What daddy & I admire most, is that incredible brain of yours. It's more than just a soak up everything around you from speech, to movement, to sounds & recognition, to your love for nature. You're very inquisitive and have the greatest shocks us sometimes the things you remember.

Daddy laughs when I call you "Toots" - I think it's cute...although I have no idea where or why it became my nickname for you! Wikipedia defines it as "a slang term for babe, sweetie or honey"...whatev, I like it.

Look at how you've grown over the past year!!
Love you with ALL my heart buggie - couldn't ask for a better daughter! xoxo

And here are some adorable quotes I've captured recently:

May 11, 2012
Me: "Auntie Sisi is coming over soon!"
K: "Auntie Sisi?!! When?!"
Me: "umm, 5 minutes I think"
K: "that's awesome!"

April 26, 2012
K: "mamma I have a hiccup"
Me: "oh do you? Hiccups feel funny huh?...where'd you get them from"
K: "from Target"
Me: "from Target huh?? Did you buy them there"
K: "no, I just got them from Target"
Me: "oh okay" hahahaha

April 20, 2012
K: "can I please have my swee-pee?"
Me: "your what??"
K: "my sweee-peee...up dare (pointing to the freezer)...from Gamma Mary..."
Me: I open the freezer door... "Ohhhh, you mean your SLURPIE?!"
K: "yeeeeahhh, my SLURPEEE!"

April 16, 2012
K: "mommy lay down wif me...I just want to hug you!"

April 15, 2012
K: "mommy look at my lovely drawing I made for you"

April 15, 2012
K: "mommy I don't want you to go to work tomorrow, I want you to stay here wif me!"

April 11, 2012
Me: "toots, what do you want for breakfast this morning?"
K: "um...I want...20 pieces of love"

April 6, 2012
K: "I love Pierce because he's so cute and nice."

March 19, 2012
While brushing her hair after taking a shower together...
K: "mamma, can I brush your hair now?"
Me: "sure honey!"
K: "you have long and 'pity' hair Rapunzel!"

March 11, 2012
Me: "hey bug, you coming downstairs? Gonna start making breakfast!"
K: "*gasp*...PANKCAKES??!!"
Me: "yup! so are you coming down to help me?!"
K: "no mamma, I busy..."
Me: "you're...'BUSY'??"
K: "yeah, I busy cuz I coloring!"
Me:   :-\

March 2, 2012
K: "mamma...dadda gotta go to is no fun!"  -- true that!

March 2, 2012
K: "mamma, you have Rihanna?"
Me: "nope, sorry bug"
K: " have Nicki Manaj?"
Me: "hahahahaha, no sorry!"

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  1. Absolutely precious, you are such a wonderful mama Calista! Your writing reflections touched my heart so deeply and I love the photos. Happy b-day to little one, and good job to mama!


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