Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MC - Day 6's the same ol story...quite the routine lately:

Wake up at 4am, SWF, make 1st 32-oz lemonade bottle, get ready, be to work by 6am...drink lemonade through out the day, home by 3:30ish, make 2nd 32-oz bottle, play/feed/bath Kapri & put her down around 6pm, catch up on a recorded show or 2, do JM 30-day Shred, shower, drink tea, check FB & Google Reader as my bedtime story...sleep, finally...around 10:30pm!! Ugh, not enough hours (or energy) in the day.

Yesterday we met up with our neighbors Mindy & Laylie & headed to the pool since our famous SD weather has finally gotten it's s__t together and gotten sunny & warm! Kapri had a BLAST as usual...she actually dunked herself face-first by accident while in her floaty...whoops...but she got back in the water as soon as the initial shock was over.

I'm hungry. That is all.


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