Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MC - Day 5

Today was a little difficult - I also noticed my fuse was a bit shorter than normal in the afternoon. Oh, and I woke up late, so I didn't have time to do the SWF, ugh...oh well. Then while at work, James also told me he went to a delish mexican restaurant called Garcia's by our house for lunch - I started salivating. The meat in their beef tacos & chicken flautas is so incredibly juicy...the rice is flavorful fluffiness and the salsa is perfection. Ah food, how I miss you. But until mid/late next week...it's allllll liquids for me:

Then we went to the Carlsbad City Hall to see James' mom receive a "Peer Award" that she was nominated for by one of her co-workers. Then of course after, everyone wanted to go to Fidel's for dinner - yet ANOTHER amazing mexican restaurant...I could seriously eat mexi food every single day of my life and margaritas are one of my FAV drinks. But, not only was I doing this cleanse, but James had eaten a late lunch and Kapri had 2 very short naps, so she was definitely ready for bed....and we had to get home so I could do JM Day #7, which I was soooo not in the mood to do. But I pushed myself & stuck with it. Damn you Jillian...since it's a "30-day shred", in my mind I feel like I cannot miss one day...it's a 30-day straight commitment (plus that's all that we have until the Vegas trip, haha).

I definitely feel 'cleansed' and lighter, not weighed down by heavy foods, which is always a good feeling. My thighs are leaner & so it my tummy...although I swear this baby pooch will NEVER go away. There's muscle under there I know it, I just need to run...cardio helps with the excess flab, so I'm going to try running on the treadmill at work tomorrow. Also, I was happy to try on an old dress that I've worn once to my friend Kate's wedding...only to find that now it was loose & frumpy on me, 9 months later. So I went to have it dry cleaned, taken in at the waist & taken up ;-)  I'll have to post before & after pics in that same dress after the next wedding we attend later this month.

Anyway - I made it to the halfway mark, only 5 days left...oh and here's a few pics of lil muffin:

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  1. look at that bammie shoutout and those cute little curls on little kapri! i love that smiley little girl!!!!!

    leaner thighs...oh man oh man oh man.


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