Monday, July 12, 2010

MC - Day 4

Day 4 down, doing good...had lots of energy today. Did some errands, laundry, took Mika to Petsmart for some grooming time, worked from home, did JM and went on a good 3-ish mile walk with Kapri down to Trader Joes to pick up some more lemons & syrup...that syrup BTW is f'ing expensive!!! $13.99 for a bottle, which only got me through 4 days (1/3 cup in each of my bottles) - well, I think I have juuust enough for 1 of my 32-oz bottles tomorrow. That means I'll still need to buy one more, for my last day...grrrr...maybe I'll try to find a smaller size :-(

Anyway, not much new to report...thus not much of an exciting blog entry...sorry!


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