Thursday, July 15, 2010

MC - Day 7

I'm so freakin busy at work...I shouldn't have time to even THINK about food...but I do, all day. So hungryyyy...and tired, because for some reason I cannot seem to get in bed & go to sleep until 10:30/11pm, then getting up at 4am with NO ability to drink coffee is killing me. It should technically be okay to drink coffee while doing this gives you energy and it kinda 'cleanses' you anyway...well for most people, not really me...anyway, enough of that.
My butt seriously hurts from sitting all. day. long. Didn't take my lunch, no point really...haha, no, I would've ran on the treadmill like yesterday, but my calves I think I'll only run 2 days a week at work, on top of my nightly JM deal. Oh, and today my mouth felt like a dry desert...I was SO thirsty all day long - water couldn't quench it.

I went to Trader Joes after work to figure out what kind of veggie soups I get to indulge in on Tuesday...cannot wait! I also gpt 1 last *smaller* syrup bottle & lemons, though I think I'll need more lemons...grrr. You'd think this cleanse would save you money for not having to buy food...psshhh, yeah right.

3 bottles of $13.99 syrup = $42
X amount of lemons = around $10-$20 (unless you have a lemon!!)
Sea Salt = $3
Smooth Move Tea = $6

That's like, $50 to $70 for 10 days...hahaha, wow. Guess $7/day isn't TOO bad, but's not like you're actually enjoying a meal...or one that's even satisfying!

Side note...I've lost 5 lbs so far...not to bad ;-)  Oh, and here's a cute pic I took on my phone of lil muffin's crazy bed-head:

Before Picasa Edit:
After Picasa Edit:


  1. that pic was with your phone.....geeez your phone is WAY better than mine!

  2. hahaha, k I did upload it to Picasa first & just clicked the "I'm feeling lucky" button, and it just did an overall adjustment to the pic, hahaha... I'll post pre-edit too then ;-P


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