Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who wants to know the baby's name??!!

I know you have all been *patiently* waiting to hear what our daughter’s name is going to be. We finalized it on Valentine’s Day (as previously mentioned)…but now we have begun telling our family & friends.

Her name will be...

***drumroll please***...

The first name came from the song in the video above: “Capri” by Colbie Caillat. The first time I heard this song (shortly after confirming the pregnancy) it brought tears to my eyes. We’ve played the song many nights on my belly for her to hear and we watched in amusement as she kicked & rolled around to the music. She seems to like it…so the name just kind of stuck! 

We looked at a baby name book, highlighted a few other names as we skimmed over the pages…but nothing else jumped out like “Capri” does. So we went with that and changed the “C” to a “K”, just to make it a little different. If you’re curious, “Capri” is actually an island off the coast of Italy. I have heard it is absolutely beautiful there, so maybe one day when she’s old enough to appreciate it, we can plan a trip to visit the island of Capri…“The Italian Pearl”!!

…is French for “Pretty”. Of course this is also the last name of a very famous, very talented, very “pretty” actress (Angelina Jolie), whom I admire very much. So “Jolie” has always been on my list as a middle name for my future daughter. Luckily James loves it just as much as I do....hopefully Kapri will too!
We cannot wait for you all to meet little Kapri (pronounced “cah-pree”)…

Only 55 days til her due date!!


  1. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing her name. Now the real countdown begins!!! :) Can't wait to meet Miss Kapri! :)

  2. Great name choice. It is beautiful. Just visiting from The Mom Blogs. I wish I had started blogging before I had my daughter. Great blog! Blessings!


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