Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 33 Ultrasound Results…

Yesterday we had our follow up ultrasound at the Perinatal department at Scripps Memorial in La Jolla. It went really well…Kapri is growing fast & is approximately 5lbs, 4oz!! Which we were told is slightly above average! They said it looks like her right leg is about 2 cm shorter than her left leg, but that it’s also slightly bowed…so that could account for the ‘shortness’, since they can only measure in a straight line. 

Other than that, they said everything looks great…she’s healthy & we don’t need to be seen there again, since there is nothing more they can do from a ‘prenatal’ aspect. So we’re just trying to stay positive… Only time will tell & we’ll just have to get her to Children’s Hospital as soon as she’s born so we can start looking at the foot/leg in person & finding the best possible solution. Here are some pics:

Last week was crazy busy for us…and this week we have a lot going on as well. Steve & Amanda got married last Friday…it was beautiful & she looked absolutely stunning!! Everything went so well & we all had so much fun. They are finally relaxing & sun bathing in sunny Cancun, Mexico…sooooo jealous!!! But they definitely deserve it. I remember after our wedding & the 17 months of wedding planning, we couldn’t WAIT to get out of town & do nothing for a whole week….wish we could do that now, before baby comes… I hear “babymoons” are all the rage these days!!

This week we had our ultrasound yesterday, a baby class tonight and a general doctor’s checkup tomorrow morning…maybe we’ll get lucky & get a few more 3D ultrasound pics while we’re there!! Lately I’ve also been going to the chiropractor…which I believe every pregnant woman should take advantage of. All the back pain is easily relieved at every appointment…they even have these tables where the middle piece folds down, so I can lay on my front side without squishing little baby! They start off with a hot compress on my back for a few minutes, then they use a machine to massage & loosen up my muscles/joints and finally the chiropractor comes in & adjusts me – I feel like a whole new person when I leave! 

Oh, one last note…Kapri’s crib & changing table should be delivered on April 14th…so hopefully we’ll have the room done soon (or close to it) and I’ll have pics up for you all to see! YAY, can’t wait to get everything organized & in its place!

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  1. Those pics are so amazing! Sounds like she's growing strong and that is always great news. Don't you want to just hold her already?! Can't wait to meet you, Kapri...but stay in there a lil while longer. *winks*


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