Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wk 33 Baby Bump

We had our checkup yesterday...the doctor says they 'may' want to induce, if little Kapri continues to gain weight at a steady pace. I still have 7 wks to go, so she could get HUGE by the 40th week. They want to avoid a c-section, so...we'll see what happens. Next appt is April 23rd, at which point they'll probably schedule another ultrasound to check her weight. We'll keep you all posted!!!!!!
Wk 33 Bump Pics:


  1. wow mama! i just looked back on older posts to week 13 and little kapri was sooo tiny!!! i can't wait to see her grow even more in the next few goal is to feel her move! JUST ONCE!! maybe i should come for a lil sleepover, he he he

  2. You look so great!! Congratulations!


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