Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"You can throw it away"

These were the famous last words of good ol Dr. Pring today at Kapri's latest Ortho appt.
Yes sir-y, the day has finally come that we can officially toss out this stupid hip brace that Kapri hates to wear. She said "you're done, she's done...you can throw the brace away". What James & I really wanted to do was run it over with our car a few times, toss it in the garbage can & light the thing on fire - but I'll try to have some restraint.
In my last ortho post back in February - I mentioned that her hips hadn't really improved. But today's x-rays showed that her hips are now at 26 and 28 degrees (remember 25 degrees is considered normal & what we were all aiming for). But the doc said where she's at was just fine and that we only need to come back once per year for follow up appointments.
So long doc...until we meet again!! hehehehe...This process took 8 whole months...the hardest of course was the 1 week (well, really the first DAY) - but we got through it. If by 5 years old the dysplasia gets any worse by then, we may have to look into a little minor surgery to correct it. But we'll cross that path when we get there. Phew.
We also have to wait around til she's a teen to see how the growth is on her right leg progresses. If there's a significant difference in shortness, then we can talk about stunting the growth in her left leg to make sure they even out a little more. Fingers crossed people.


  1. Fantastic news!!! I hear you about running over the brace. I threw Sophie's away last night, finally. I guess I didn't want to jinx anything. And I was so like you...that first day was the hardest...not for her, but definately for me. Hard to hear that your "perfect" daughter isn't really perfect. But they are BOTH perfect now!!!!


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