Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MAJOR nose dive

Kapri had her 1st major fall/ouchie on Sunday...1st of many to come, right? I was packin up the stroller & getting her ready to go for a stroll down Hwy 101. I let the dog out to potty, and stupid me...for the first time ever, I let the screen "close" on it's own & walk away for another .2 seconds. As go to pick up Kapri, she makes a b-line for the door. Ahh, the life of a walking toddler...so inquisitive.

Sometimes I'll let her lean against the screen door to watch me, while I pick up the dog's nastiness outside...this time of course, the damn door did not lock...and out she went. There's a step down from the door to the ground. She was literally almost within my reach when she fell face first - I picked her up as soon as she hit the ground with her poor little nose.




Oh great, everyone & their mother can hear her...and it's all my fault, of course, on MY watch.

Before...cute, un-scratched little button-nose:

And after, scraped & bloody...now it's scabbing over, so gross. The pics don't even do justice...

haha, well at least she got to look at some cute surfer boys at the beach later on...

And play around in the grass at Swami's...


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