Thursday, September 6, 2012 name is: {craft tutorial}

I'm seriously SO in love with my latest craft.

**Project Stemless Wine Glasses** - so sick of not being able to tell who's glass is who's.

I searched & searched for a DIY tutorial on Pinterest on something to help guide me in making chalkboard wine glass labels... but my search results were either the 'dipped' stems (mine are stemless - favs) or I had to BUY the labels or the glasses pre-made. 

$28 + $14 shipping...for 4 glasses?? thanks.

I'll stick with my $8 cheapy set thank you...just have to figure out a way to DIM! (**do it myself!**)

THIS tutorial did pop up in my search online... but it was just a plain-ish rectangle on the glass, and I wanted a little fancy label.  She also used chalkboard paint rather than spray paint which I thought would be easier/quicker/look better, etc. So I found a simple label via Google images, printed it out & traced it onto a plastic template. Then I carefully cut it out, but from the INside, so that I was left with a hollow template. 

I excitedly bust out my set of sad, plain stemless', covered them head-to-toe in painters tape & plastic bags...then traced the template directly onto the painters tape. Then with my X-acto knife, I suuuper carefully followed the lines and cut out the tape. It would've been cute to have a 'fancier' label with more curves & points, but then cutting it out would've been HARD!
Then I took them all outside and prepped each with a few rubs of a sander - just to get the glass a little rough, so the spray paint would have something to 'grab' onto, rather than the slick surface of glass. I sprayed on 3 light coats, with drying time in-between. Doing this while it was a little warm and with a breeze outside I think made this process faster - I HATE waiting for paint to dry. 

Finally I brought them all back inside & let them rest for a few hours....then I couldn't wait any longer and started sloooowly pealing away the tape...

Voila - magical little glasses - no more "which is mine??" confusion!!

Did I say I mention I'm in love?? 

NOTE: handwash only!!


  1. Now this is a great project, love how they turned out!
    Saw you sharing at Serenity Now.
    Debbie :)

  2. Cute glasses Love it! I just did some with the stems, now I may add the "label" too!

    1. Thanks! I love the look of the 'dipped' stem glasses too - definitely give this a try!

  3. very cute! what did you use to sand the glasses prior to spraying them? Sandpaper??

  4. It really is properly satisfactory. Also, this is a great idea for you to stemless wine glasses to the pail. Though tastings are smaller, that they complete mount up after numerous tastings. If you are unsure about spitting, process in the home. The usually seen suggestion is to process in the shower area.


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