Sunday, September 2, 2012

Her happy place... in this simple little white flower girl dress.

she. is. STOKED.
she looks sooo grown up!

I could tell she was in full "holy crap, I'm a REAL princess" mode - when I did her hair up in a perfectly set sock bun (gotta love this style!!)...adorned with a little jeweled hair comb...and slipped on her dress. She twirled & twirled with a HUGE smile on her face around the living room.

2 minutes later...

"Okay Kapri...time to take off the dress, we don't want to get it dirty before the wedding! We'll put it back on in a little bit at the church." -- but she refused.

My bad.

I'd be crazy to let her get in the carseat in that thing and risk dirtying it!!! So I had to chase her around the living room until I finally caught her and ever-so-carefully slipped the dress off. 

More pics & the wedding story to come...

But this is truly her happy place :-)


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