Tuesday, January 24, 2012

*UPDATE* - to my 2012 Goals!

Well - I suppose putting this particular 'goal' in writing helps make it more real.

Just 2 short weeks after writing my 2012 Goal POST - I decided to attend an orientation for a Vavi Running Club - led & coached by our wedding DJ, Blake Miller!! I somehow managed to coax my sis & sis-in-law to join me at the orientation AND we all signed our lives away...okay, not lives, but definitely the next 4 months, haha!

I'm actually going to do this - WE are, together...for the first time in our lives, the last year of my beloved 20's...we will be training to participate in the Rock & Roll Marathon on June 3, 2012!!!

I'm glad we're training for this particular one, because it was created in 1998 and originally started IN San Diego...since then, around 25+ other R&R marathons have sprouted up in cities across the US (and a couple overseas). The 40+ stages of live music is just another enticing reason!

Of course we'll be doing a HALF not a FULL...but still, pretty amazing. It's the first step. It's bought & paid for...so we're locked in. There's no turning back now!!

The next step, literally...is our first group run which takes place next Tues. Jan. 31st...so nervous. But sooo excited to do something like this. My 2 big worries are:
  1. How in the hell am I going to balance running 4 days/week, plus a few days of additional strength training...full time job, part time side job...mommy/wife duties...oh boy! But if all these other people can do it (20,000+ runners), then we can.... right?!!
  2. My calves - in the past whenever I've gotten into a major fitness kick, my calves get the best of me. I'm not entirely sure if they're shin splints, or if I'm just not stretching good enough. But after a bit, they start to feel like the muscle is going to explode out of my skin. Not a very fun feeling. It's actually brought me to tears before. So this is something I'll definitely have to work on and overcome... hopefully!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Holy crap, you go girl! I admire anyone that has the guts to do a marathon...I am not one of those people, nor will I ever be and that's fine by me :) good luck with training! As I eat a bag of cookies while typing this...ooof

    1. LOL, oh the joys of pregnancy...THAT my friend, is why I need to get my butt in gear by running!! hahaha

  2. You guys are going to do so great! I am so proud/envious of you all - you're going to feel AMAZING once you've accomplished this. Good luck to all three of you strong, beautiful women <3
    xxoo Michaella

    1. Thanks Michaella!!! I cannot WAIT for that 'accomplished' feeling after - until then, it's going to be a BRUTAL 4 months, haha!


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