Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's 3D movie & brownie cupcake time!

Tonight my sisters and I took Kapri to see the Beauty and the Beast - in 3D. Not only was this my first 3D experience...but it was K's first entire movie experience! The theater literally had 4 other adults & 2 other kids, besides us 5 - so it was nice when K got antsy toward the end, and I let her run around & sit in other seats in the empty row in front of us!
camera shy Kapri!
We were a little irritated with 30 minutes of previous (including 1 we saw twice!) - because that extra time took away from Kapri's attention span during the last 30 min. of the actual movie! She wore & tollerated the 3D glasses really well for the 1st half, but was definitely over it by the end! I don't blame's really weird to watch a movie like that.

It was fun to get us all together for some quality sister/auntie time - though K was a bit tired since she'd spent the whole day at school. She passed out in the car on the way home...even with us all chattin beside her!

So the next experience for her, will probably be a non-3D movie....and most likely on a weekend morning - when she's refreshed & pleasant!

After we got home, my sis-in-law stayed the night to hang out & help make some bday treats for my other sister, Chelsea. I scored her "Yummy in my Tummy" Pinterest Board, and found these little decadent angels:

You really could do any cake with the bottom brownie layer or frosting...but I chose to stick with the strawberry cake & vanilla frosting as pictured above - they just look so pretty!! Here's the recipe I followed.

These are my new fav/go to, the Brownie Cupcake!


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