Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chelsea's Bday & DIY Flower Burst Canvas

For the 3rd year in a row, we've gone to BJ's for my sister Chelea's bday...21st, 22nd & now 23rd!

We typically order a fun adult beverage, and I always have to have the parmesan crusted chicken - it. is. seriously - phenomenal! AND way big enough for 2 to split!

We indulged, chatted, laughed...then came time for the famous Pizookie!! Kapri saw it coming to our table literally a mile away! That child has some intense ice cream sensors.

Chels is moving into her own little studio this I thought for a bday gift, I should make something FOR the new place. Thank you Pinterest...I was able to snoop through her boards (as I did for the brownie cupcakes) and saw this:

I thought to myself: "I can TOTALLY make that!!"

So I did...

And now I want one for my house!!

She'll be decorating her place with grey & accents of teal... so I though these pretty scrapbook papers really coordinated well together:
I used a clear plastic to trace the 'petals' in different shapes, cut them out...then traced those on the different colored papers. Then with a little help of my dear friend, Mr. Mod Podge, I glued & glued each individual piece {115 to be exact!}...then waited for it all to dry...then added 2 more coats all on top - it's pretty damn fabulous if you ask me.

What's more gratifying is that she totally recognized it from her Pinterest board immediately and LOVED my version much more! YAYYY

happy birthday STIS!!! xoxoxo

Then I mod podge'd on some coordinating paper onto a wooden frame {like THIS black & white one} and had Kapri decorate a piece of pink paper with stickers, sparkle glue and glued on buttons & a precious!



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