Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 21st Stis!!!

My lil sis is growing up...the big's hard to believe. But I'm sooo excited to be able to go out & have a drink (or 2) with her now!! She truly is my one & only 'bestie'...I'm so thankful to have her in my life...and to think we used to not get along at all as young kids, hahaha!

Her bday was on Jan. 26th and that evening the fam went to the new BJ's Restaurant & Brewery up in Carlsbad...So. Good. Chels said she felt all "sex in the city-ish" with her martinis, cute!

Of course my mom & I had to have one as well!
So puuurty!

Chelsea picked this place because she had only been to the Temecula one and had their famous "Bazookie" (I should probably look up the correct spelling of that, but I'm lazy)'s this huge, incredibly delicious chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. Seems plain, but it really is amazing!

Then the following Saturday, we went down to a bar/club called Stingaree. I'd never been there, but a girlfriend/co-worker's husband has some pull there, so we got on a list & didn't have to pay cover (normally $25) or wait in was SWEET!

The place was awesome with 3 floors, I think...haha...I had already downed a few glasses of yummy Sangria before getting there (thanks Big C!). But we mainly hung out up on the rooftop area...did a lil dancin, then headed home. It was definitely an eventful night out...but let's just keep it at that.


Love you sista!!!!!!!


  1. PS. It's PAzookie.. with a P! hahaha love you sisss <3

  2. Pazookies are wonderful:) Did you go to BJ's? I'm glad your sister had a wonderful 21st birthday!


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