Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My mini internal panic attack

Why?? I'll tell you...it's because Kapri has officially began "scrawling", yes, "scrawling"...which is a lil combo of both "scooting" and "crawling". If she sees a toy a few feet away...she'll go for it. Last night James & I were watching her and within a minute or so, she moved a good 5 feet maybe? Even more incredible - she was in her harness...so she's definitely learning to compensate moving around while having it on. And it was in response to me saying "come on Kapri, come to mama!"...and boy did she move! It's so damn cute - however, here in-lies the reasoning for my 'mini internal panic attack'. I just got to thinking..."omg, she's moving...she's no longer stationary...she's going to be getting into EVERYTHING!"...
  • We haven't really baby proofed...she could do some major damage to our house, or herself for that matter, especially with the stuff under the sink, yikes!!
  • We have a dog that sheds, which means extra vacuuming…ugh.
  • The PS2, Wii and our main stereo/surround sound controller, etc. are definitely within her reach. If she touches just ONE of those buttons, it could screw up the whole thing. Awesome.
  • Babies find the smallest & most random things, which means I will have to get on all fours & find them before she does.
  • And, she's been eyeballing the stairs for the last few days *sigh* - that's got danger written allllll over it. Where the heck is our baby gate?!
So, I'm watchin her 'scoot' around the other day and kinda freaked out a bit...my mind wandered as I quickly realized that no longer will I be able to sit her down to play for a bit while I go do the pile-o-dishes, or mountain-o-laundry or feed myself for once. AHHHH! Of course seeing her develop & become more independent excites me at the same time...but I guess I just haven't prepared myself (or our house) much for this new stage in her/our life!
She’s also been propping herself up in a position that I can only describe as “the downward-facing dog” yoga pose. It’s hilarious & is a daily occurance now. Sometimes her butt is higher up, but with this you get the general idea:

And…she’s been trying to pull herself up from the sitting position in her crib…which means we’ll soon have to drop the mattress down further:

Lastly, I think she’s been in teething hell…the last few days have been pretty interesting, but we’re getting through it…poor thing. We’ll just have to wait & see which tooth pops through next! Her smiles will be even cuter with more teeth! 


  1. Okay that picture of her in the leggings just may be the funniest picture I have EVER seen of a baby doing acrobatics. LOL!

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog. It's almost as good as listening to you tell it! Great writing/blogging skills, chica! ;)


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