Thursday, June 23, 2011

Potty training...oh joy.

*sigh*.....looooong sigh. I dread potty training. I had zero motivation to have Kapri be some crazy super-toddler & be totally potty trained by 20 months. No thanks. James & I both have been pretty relaxed when it comes to this topic, so we're just taking it slow & mostly waiting for the warmer weather - so we can just let her run around diaper-less out on the patio, then have the little pink potty nearby for her to use when needed.

Though this week she seems to be making some big efforts to jump on the 'big girl' wagon and try out this potty thing more often than usual. She asked to go once after seeing me (TMI, sorry, but they have to learn somehow!) I held her up and she tinkled. Then on Father's Day, after letting Mika do her biz outside, she asked to go again...where we sat in the bathroom for a good 10 min, then I finally realized that she totally did #2 without telling me, IN the little pink potty!! OMG I was sooooo proud! No pic, that's just nast, but we did call daddy at work to tell him...she was so happy. She loved how excited I got, high-fives, knuckles & big hugs!!

After that - I decided it was time for the Sticker Potty Chart. So I re-used her ice cream social sign (so glad I didn't toss it right after the party!), and make a cute potty chart with some scrapbook paper, ribbon, & letter stickers that I had on-hand.

When she goes #1 and/or #2 in the toilet or pink potty, she can add the sticker of her choice. For every 7 stickers she gets up there, she'll get to pick a prize. I'll probably go grab some random cheapy toys at the Dollar Store or Target's dollar section & put them in a basket for her to choose from. That should get her pretty amped! Let's hope so, because I'm pretty damn sick of diapers. Ick. She already has 3 stickers up, so we'll see how this goes....haha! Stay tuned.


  1. best idea ever!! ;)

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