Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Fair Day

I love the Del Mar Fair (aka: San Diego fair - I'm old school, so I'll never call it that). It is a yearly tradition to go, walk around, people watch, eat yummy food, and hop on a ride or 2. It's more fun for me know that we take Kapri, (like last year) she just lights up when she sees the farm animals, enormous rides, bright colors, loud music & of course all the toys/stuffed animals at the game booths. This year she got to go on the carousel with me and the flying dumbo ride with dadda...then on the little boat ride all by herself! That boat was her had a loud bell that she could not stop ringing and when it was time to get off, she threw a fit. But then she had a corn dog with lots of ketchup/mustard (fav) & some ice cold lemonade from mamma & some guacamole-dipped, nacho-cheesy chips from dadda, and was a happy camper.

We went this year with my sister Chels & her bf Andrew - who actually won a game & got Kapri a prize...she of course picked a cute Curious George...thanks Sugg-life!! She loves to hug her lil Georgie. This pic just kills me with cuteness:

Chels actually got me to go on a ride...and no, it wasn't the ride where TWO people got injured just a few hours earlier that day, omg! I didn't puke, yay! haha...I don't normally, but we had just eaten.

Speaking of food…we definitely induldged. Corn dogs, carne asada nachos, cinnamon bun, a BITE of a deep fried twinkie (instant regret), ice cream, chocolate covered cheesecake, cotton candy…and of course my fav is the last thing I get each year, as we’re leaving…a chocolate/sprinkled covered frozen banana (not as much guilt with the fruit!)…perfect treat for the walk back to the car. I always want to try more food (rather than just treats)…but treats are not as filling…and I’m worried I may just waste my money on something I don’t like. Maybe one year I’ll finally try the roasted corn on the cob, a ginormous bbq'd turkey leg, or something really off the wall, like deep fried kool-aid (the new big *fried* hit this year...last year it was deep fried bacon & deep fried butter...nasty
Each year we take pics in the ever-too-small photo booths, always black & white. We have them all up on our I thought I should probably scan them all to preserve them in case they ever get ruined.



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