Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Thank You" (from Kapri)

I just found this awesome software that downloads *free* to your computer, via Hallmark. I'm loving it!! I used to use American Greetings for sending ecards or printing custom cards, but that was $30/yr and I really do enjoy the experience of picking out a card better sometimes. I'm a HUGE card person if you don't already know this about me. I'm hoping that my love for cards will carry over to Kapri...and she'll learn to pick out some awesome cards for others (including her dear ol mamma) one day. To me, a card means more than a gift. It means you took the time to get in your car, drive to the store, sift through a gazzillion(-ish) cards to pick just the right one for someone. A card has to 'speak' to me (not literally like those music ones, which are honestly a bit obnoxious) & reallllly relate to the person I'm getting it for.

Anywho...after K's bday party (almost a month ago), I've been meaning to send out thank you cards. I lag. June has been insanely busy, I just don't have the time to dedicate to card writing. I cannot wait til Kapri can do this on her own for each birthday, hahaha! But today, after a nice day spent at the pool, and while K gets some zzzzz, I made the time to sit down & write. Though as soon as I sat, I thought about the process...and just didn't feel like doing it :-/  And for what?? For everyone to read them for 2 seconds, then they quickly make their way to the depths of the smelly kitchen trash can. Seriously, let's just be honest. With K's bday invitations, I was going to make really cute ones online, print them, then buy matching envelopes, buy/print mailing labels, then finally...mail them. But the cost of doing all that really adds up. Which is why I decided on a simple invitation through 'evite' - my fav. Then I thought to myself today...well, if I sent 'e' invitations, why the heck can't I sent 'e' thank-you's???

So here's the end result, with this program called "Smilebox"...SO easy, quick, cute...and of course, FREE!

Click to play this Smilebox thank you
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