Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round up of JUNE Bday Celebrations!

June. Is. NUTS. Especially this year. Now I'm broke! Ahh well, it was all for a good fun & memories!

June 4th - My friend Kim's bday...we've known each other since high school...we seriously used to be, attached at the hip! For her bday this year I came prepared with a cute card, a bottle of almond champagne, a hand-painted (not by me sadly) "Birthday Girl" wine glass and a huge bday cupcake! yum... We went to URBN pizza/bar in North Park for some fantastic food. I had to cut that night short as I had K's bday party the next day!

June 8th - My Mother-In-Law's bday dinner....celebrated at Buca di Beppo in Carlsbad. How insanely large is that brownie/ice cream sundae??!! After we all left, we later received a text message from her with a pic of her new *engagement* ring!!! So happy for her!
June 11th - My youngest sister KayLee's 18th bday...celebrated at Benihana in Carlsbad, where we all got to meet her sweet new BF. Then a few of us took her down to a little hooka bar in La Jolla called The Living Room - just so she could do something that only 'adults' over 18 are legally allowed to do. We had the blueberry flavor first, then the fuzzy navel (peach) after...both were sooo yummy!

June 12th - My Sister-In-Law, Amanda's bday brunch...celebrated at Belle Fleur in Carlsbad (wow, C'bad is the place to be apparently). I absolutely LOVE this place. James & I used to go there pretty frequently for Sunday Brunch before we decided to start a fam. It's ridiculous. You pay like, $22 and you get ALL you can eat...not just bfast items, but they have a ton of stations: seafood, mexican, omletts, meat carving, waffles with all the toppings you can think of, other random 'american' dinner type things like mac 'n cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. and of course, a huge assortment of deserts. OH, and the best could I forget...UNlimited champagne/mimosas. Amazing right? Yeah, I know.

June 18th - Annual Bro-Am/Switchfoot concert at Moonlight Beach (took Kapri to let her play in the sand & jam out to the free tunes - see vid here)...followed by another friend/old-co-worker, Shaunna's bday BBQ that night. It was held at her parents house in Olivenhain (a little city within Encinitas...small city, but HUGE houses with lotsa land)
only pic I got from that night...with Amanda...none with Shaunna, sheesh!  :-(

June 26th - Jesse's 30th + his wife Christina's bday pool party. Jesse was our roommate about10 years ago, I think?! Wow...that was forever ago. Anyway, we had so much fun playing with Kapri in the pool on a gorgeous day, eating yummy food, catching up with friends & watching K play dress-up with their dog Cosmo...what a trooper he is!

So, needless to say, with bdays & everything else we had going was busy. But fun...and I'm sure this summer will bring many more activities to add to my calendar!


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