Sunday, June 5, 2011

K's Ice Cream Themed Bday Party!!

Perfection.  That is my one word to sum up today's fabulous birthday party for our little munchie. Of course I wish we had taken more pictures, like we did at her 1st...but those we gathered from family & friends were great! The weather was amazing...actually really WARM, so it was the best 'ice cream indulging' weather we could've asked for. Thank goodness I postponed the party!
Sugar cones, regular cup cones, chocolate syrup, whip cream & 12 yummy toppings: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, crushed oreos, itty bitty reeces cups, marshmallows, peanut M&Ms, shredded coconut, gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles, creme wafer cookies, and maraschino cherries...WOW!

I enlisted the help of my sister Chelsea to help create the 'ice cream cone cookies', as party favors. Then asked my SIL, Amanda, to create the 'ice cream cone cupcakes'. Both were soooooo great, and pretty & YUMMY and everyone was asking all about them, wondering how each were made! They (& I) were seriously impressed! Pretty much all the little nick-nack crafts were made homemade with my love, sweat & tears...and most the store-bought party items were from either the Dollar Store or the 99 Cent store...gotta love that.

I got crafty with the picture frames. I got one for an 8x10 collage I made of her, that had a pic for each month over the past year - it's crazy to see the change from baby to full on toddler. I decorated that frame with 3 cute fabric rosettes and the other frame (for her cute lollipop pic) with some scrapbook paper & green ric-rac. Then I found some bunches of pink hydrangeas on sale for a buck each...normally $7/each! I put them in little vases with glittery scrapbook paper...I thought it gave it an 'ice cream cone' kind of look.

I made both desert stands - one from 3 colorful plates & 2 small dollar store candlesticks...and the other from a green dollar store place, and 2 bowls... and lots of glue. The tall 'ice cream' vases, are made purely out of white/brown coffee filters (and red pom poms from Michael's as the 'cherries'). The little ice cream cones have fake carnations glued into actual cones...which I filled with about a teaspoon of rice wrapped in foil, thinking that would help them stay UP...but the wind was not really on my side that day. So they kept falling over anyway.

The "Kapri's Ice Cream Shoppe" sign is mainly out of scrapbook paper/printed letters from Word, and stickers. I love how the 3 scoops of ice cream came out on the sign too! That was also supposed to be up on the main table, but the wind kept winning. I also made the fabric buntings that are hung from each table...I'm seriously soooo addicted to my new pinking shears that I purchase specifically for this project. They. Are. Life changing.

Anyway...I dedicated about a month of my 'free' time to crafting & making this party inventive & fun... and it was totally worth it in the end!! Kapri had soooo much fun, just running around & playing with all her little buddies, eating tons of treats & ice cream, and getting lots & lots of love from all our friends & fam.



  1. It looks like you got your craft on in a big way. Everything looks gorgeous and I imagine Kapri and all the kiddos a ball.

  2. OMG! This party is absolutely amazing. I love the huge ice cream cones next to the sign. Absolutley adorable. I am so glad you linked up to Whimsy Wednesdays! You are so talented. I love your site.

  3. Lovely choice of theme collection for the party. My sister and her husband organized their son's first birthday at one of the marvelous event venue in NYC recently. Ribbon and balloon decorations were eye catching. Booked quality bakers and caterers. Drinks and desserts were also praised by all our guests.


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