Monday, May 30, 2011

Dancing Queen

This kid LOVES music...especially LIVE music! I'm quickly discovering that we may have a future singer/instrument player on our hands, which makes me mega happy.
*upside down JAZZ hands...hilarious*
For Memorial Day we were invited to a backyard Bday party - the weather was great, the drinks (skinny SANGRIA...ummm, thank you Kelly!) went down too easy, the food was insane (in a great way), and the 'entertainment' was awesome!
mmmmmm....still thinking about that never-ending batch of skinny sangria...yum...that reminds me, I need to get the recipe from her!! Anywho - Kelly & Dave made some seriously amazingly insane (as mentioned before) grub...they made paelle in the biggest pan I've ever seen in my life. Which of course had to be cooked over a little fire in the backyard while resting on some concrete blocks!!

BUT, before the grub...they had a full on 6 or 7 person mariachi band show up spontaneously & play some great tunes for awhile. The kids went nuts over the music! So as much as live mariachi is entertaining in itself, watching the kiddos dance around was of course the best part. 

Kapri even went to grab the little ukuele that she saw earlier in the house:


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