Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kapri's 2 year doc checkup

Yesterday I took Kapri in for her 2 year checkup - she's doin great, with the exception of her being sick, yet again...

Height = 2' 11.5" -- which is in the 88.99 percentile
Weight = 28 lb 12 oz  -- which is in the 75.55 percentile

She got one little Hep A shot - and didn't cry once, such a big girl now!! She is dang tall for her age, everyone I cross paths with always asks her age, and they are always shocked when I say she 'just turned 2', because she's just so tall! I also mentioned to her doc that I was concerned about the difference in her leg lengths (from the knee down)...just in the future, I don't it to have an impact on K's quality of life or be in pain or anything. So she checked her out, but told me I should make a follow up appt with the orthopedic surgeon, since it's been a year since her last check up/xrays there. So, I need to do that...actually, gotta put that in my calendar as a 'to-do'...oh, that and finding a good pediatric dentist for her! Anyway, most people can't even tell there's a difference, but I can. I'm her mamma...I notice every little thing. But she doesn't know any different, she runs/walks/dances just at the moment, I'm not stressin. It'd also be good to get recent xrays of her to see how the hip dysplasia is...or isn't preferably.


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