Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can cry if I want's my birthday.

Well. That sucked. Kapri's 2nd birthday was not at all how I planned. James & I took the day off to be with her & just have a fun family day together & celebrate her bday, but when I noticed a runny nose on Thursday night...I knew my plans may have to change.

Of course we woke to a sicky little 2 year old, that was not very happy. Well, I walked into her room first thing in the morning, while singing the "Happy Birthday" she was happy for that...but the rest of the day was just bad. We stuck with the morning plan of going to get her pics taken...all I needed was ONE good shot... which we sorta got, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get a smile outta that kid. I busted out a huge lollypop, and had to sit there & tickle her leg between snaps of the camera...and wipe her nose every 30 seconds. But at least we walked out with a cute pic!

Then we took her home to nap...which she decided not to do (only a bit in the car)...but wide awake once we were home. So then we decided to run out to Toys R Us to let her pick out her bday gift, which is this fun little "Sandy Lagoon Waterpark" - because she just LOVES being outside, loves sand, and loves water...perfect combo we thought! After we wore her out letting her run a marathon all over that store, we stopped by the store to buy food to BBQ hamburgers, yum! Of course she was miserable, crying & snotty, so I felt terrible having her run all around town that day.
She slept again in the car after, but of course wanting nothing to do with a nap in her own cozy bed once home. Figs. So we set up the 'waterpark' toy & let her have at it while we cooked. Finally...after dinner we busted out a yummmmmy ice cream cupcake from Coldstone's...with a "2" candle for her to blow out. She was seriously miserable by this point, but held in there...she could not resist ice cream!! Which is why I'm doing an ice cream themed bday party...which by the way...I moved 2 weeks later, thank goodness. It was crappy weather, not suitable at all for park playing & ice cream eating. So, good idea on my part to just postpone it. The party will be on June 5th...and I'm soooo excited to set everything up...all the crafts & fun ideas I've been working on for the last month will finally be OUT of my dining room! Here's a vid, kinda long, if you have 8 min to spare:


  1. Awww sorry to hear she isnt feeling well but happy birthday anyways!!! she sure is cute.

  2. poor little sick girl :(
    what a good idea to video her opening cards, i love you and your husbands commentary, you guys are seriously adorable.
    cant wait to see how her party turns out.
    Happy Birthday Kapri!


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