Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Love Bug!

A letter to my beautiful, smart little she celebrates a day that is all her own...her birthday:'ve fallen into a deep slumber, after 45 minutes of protesting sleep, which is unusual. I think you're just too excited. Though I am worried that you may be getting another little cold...not good! But now all I hear is your sweet lullaby music and the hum of my laptop. I just finished 2 seriously cute pairs of ribbon hair clipies for you to wear with 2 equally adorable dresses (thank you Tarjay) at your little photo session tomorrow at Picture People.  

Tomorrow... omg, tomorrow you turn 2.... Wow.

TWO whole years have passed since the moment that time literally stood still, as I saw your precious little face emerging from my body....the nurturing place you called home for 9 months. 

TWO whole years have passed since I wept UNcontrollably at the site of your teeny tiny, perfect little body...fingers...& toes.  

TWO whole years have passed, in which there wasn't one single day that went by, where I didn't worry about your well-being, your happiness, and my ability to parent you the BEST that I possibly could.

Being a mamma - YOUR mamma - is like watching a breathtaking sunrise...or like waking up to the sound of peaceful ocean waves and warm sun on your face...though it's also like learning to swim for the very first time - because it's so powerfully different from everything I knew up to the day you entered this world. 

Being your mamma is honestly the most incredible, eye-opening, rewarding thing I've ever done...

I wish that I could capture every memory & special moment with you, with just a blink of my eye. I try to savor particular moments, knowing full well that it won't be this way forever...once you're grown and more independent than the day before. 

The day will come when:

...I won't be able to snuggle up next to you in the rocking chair while reading you a nightly array of books, with you securely under my arm, head against my'll be too big for that. 

...You can run up & down the stairs all by yourself....but I'll still worry.

...You can make your own food, brush your own teeth and tie your own shoes.

...You will be asking for our help with homework.

...You will want to be around your friends more than your parents...gahhh!

...You will be shopping for your prom dress, while I approve or deny! haha

...I'll be watching you walk down the aisle, hooked on daddy's arm.

I love the cute ways you mispronounce certain words (like "Doo-Dah" instead of "Dora" or "bac-ooo-lah" instead of "popsicle"!), or how you try to say really big words (like "dic-ooo-lah" instead of "ridiculous"), your bazzilion little steps, to my 2 big steps, and how you could "ring around the rosie" with me for hours, with the biggest grin on your face.

I love how proud I feel when you tell me the colors of things in the world around you, count to 10 all by yourself, point to ants & say "OH...mamma...look...ants!", or the way you say "tank ooo mamma", without me even asking you to...or when you say "bess ooo mamma" even though it was just a cough, not a sneeze! Or when you go through 200+ flashcards, and can name them all!! Or when you try to recite the ABC's all by yourself. 

My heart melts into a puddle during times when both daddy & I are home with you for the day, and you'll run up behind us, grab each of our legs and hug us tight...or when you say "laa loo mamma/dadda" and give big, slobbery kisses. You know my weakness kiddo. You'll forever have us wrapped around your little finger.

So, on this special day...your 2nd birthday...I know you won't remember it - but just know that we love you wayyyy more than words can express. Daddy & I are so so sooo lucky to have you as our daughter...your beauty, intelligence, charisma, attitude, & love is more than we could've ever hoped for in a child. 

Having you has taught us so much about life, and what's important...We will never, ever stop loving you unconditionally, every day, with every inch of our souls.

Happy 2nd birthday love bug!!!
Make a wish!!


  1. Bammie..this was the most beautifully written entry I've ever had the pleasure of reading. You are seriously the most incredible mom and kapri is so blessed to have you. I cannot believe she is two today....I still remember holding her tiny body at the hospital when she was just a day old. A memory I will never forget. Im sad that now she's two and im so far away bc this is babysittimg age for me!!!!! Looks like a visit to nor cal is in your future! Can't wait for the party pics - its going to be nothing short of amazing!

  2. I of course, am crying at my desk right now after reading the beautiful letter you have written for Kapri. I love how you have EVERYTHING documented, she will without a doubt cherish all of this one day! Thank you for your honesty and being such a phenomenal blogger, sometimes I don't know how I would get through some days here without reading your entries.

  3. This is beautiful Calista! Kapri is so blessed to have such loving parents. Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweet little girl!

  4. Oh em geeee. I literally sobbed the entire time reading this and still am! Good thing it's just time to leave work before anyone will see me crying at my desk!! :P I still cannot believe she's friggen TWO years old. Goes by SO fast, and she's not even my kid!
    You are seriously the BEST momma ever stis, and I can only hope that one day I'll be even have as good at parenting as you are!!

  5. Oh my sweet Calista, I'm so proud of you and how you have become such a beautiful mother!! Sobbing thru that letter was priceless ! Kapri is blessed to have you as her momma:-) I love you , Momma xoxo


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