Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cousin Buddies

Last night James, Kapri & I met up with some fam for HH at El Torito (yayyyy for $1 tacos & $3 skinny margs!!). Kapri’s 2 cousins were there as well and she just loooooves spending time with them. It’s so cute to watch them interact together… since K has no siblings yet (and won’t for a few more years), it’s nice to have them living in the same city so they can see each other often. She cannot wait for the next chance she gets to play with them!

Growing up, almost all of my extended family lived hundreds of miles away…I have 4 Aunts & 1 Uncle on my mom’s side…resulting in…let’s see here, ummm… 9 cousins (ahh, hope that’s right! Mom/Aunties, correct me if I’m wrong!) and 1 uncle on my dad’s side, resulting in 2 cousins…so 11 total. Of which, I occasionally see the 2 on my dad’s side (since they live in SD), but the others are across multiple different states. I wish I could’ve gotten the chance to grow up with the others & get to know them, like Kapri has with D&D. Makes me want to plan a big family reunion…who wouldn’t want to come out to sunny San Diego?!!!

Anyway, it warms my heart when I see Kapri *light up* with happiness, whenever she’s in the same room with her cousins – I hope that as they get older, they remain close & maintain a loving friendship as they do now. Especially Kapri & Daelan...since they're only 3 months apart!


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