Sunday, February 3, 2013

Craft Weekend - Part 2 {Mini Chalkboard Stands}

So, I don't think I've mentioned on here that I've signed up for the FIRST time, to have a booth & sell my Custom from Calista products at a local street fair in April - I'm SO excited and SO nervous at the same time. It's the last weekend in April, but I'll only have my booth set up on Sat. the 27th - if you're in San Diego...come see me! It's in Encinitas, on Hwy 101.

This past weekend was spent creating a few display items for my booth.

First up - Mini Chalkboard Price Display Stands:
 photo MiniChalkboardDisplayStandsviaMejiaMamma_zps70baeb04.jpg

A few months ago I scored a few packs of little wooden 'plaques'...that I knew I somehow wanted to use on  my table. And I knew I wanted to cover them in chalkboard paint.

Then I saw THIS pin {via Little Bit Funky}...and knew my mini plaques would be perfect for this craft! 

So I headed to my home-away-from-home (Michael's) and picked up a pack of wooden wheels and a pack of pre-cut wooden dowels that fit the inside of the wheels perfectly. Kapri was so excited to help me glue each dowel into the holes (some are a bit crooked, but they still work!)
 photo IMG_2119_zps895512c2.jpg

Then I painted them all white, glued on a little jewel on top, then began to glue on the mini plaques. But - they fell I wanted them to be tall :-(


Cut about 4" off the top:
 photo IMG_2178_zpsa029e93f.jpg


 photo IMG_2179_zpsd818b8ab.jpg

I LOVE THEM! Hope they hold up well during the street fair...fingers crossed!

 photo MiniChalkboardDisplayStandscloseupviaMejiaMamma_zps3c1615d4.jpg

They'll be the perfect way to advertise the cost of all my items I'll have on sale! And after, they could be great for dinner parties or birthday fab!

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  1. These look Great! We are thinking of using your great idea for an upcoming craft fair some lady friends and I will be at. Thanks!!!!


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