Monday, February 4, 2013

Craft Weekend - Part 3 {Thrift Store Upcycling}

Wish I had more thrift stores closer to home...I really love finding inexpensive treasures that I can repurpose in my own way, to fit my needs. "One person's junk, is another person's treasure" - right? This particular thrift store visit was during my lunch break... I spent around $25 for 13 items: 2 wire 'displays', 3 multi-height candlesticks, 3 multi-sized wooden baskets, 3 flower-like bowls and 2 small plates.

All of this to be used for my upcoming street fair booth display coming up in April!!

I couldn't wait to get it all home to start priming & painting these fabulous finds...all white. That's my color-theme for my booth, since all my CfC products have bright, vibrant colors. I sprayed & waited...and sprayed & waited literally ALL. WEEKEND. LONG.

But it was so completely worth it!

I knew I wanted to transform the candlesticks into tiered displays...using stove burner covers found in packs of 2 at the Dollar Store. I traced them onto 3 different, but coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper, then mod podge'd the top of the covers & laid on the paper. Then I used E6000 glue to join the cover & the candlestick.

I think they turned out beautifully!

I then turned the bowls & plates into 2 little display stands as well, again just using E6000 glue to join them:

I'll probably use each for my business cards and some fabric button rings:

I had also found this 2-tiered wicker basket at Kirklands Home a few weeks ago, on sale for $8...and sprayed it white.

And this old chalkboard was actually from my childhood...NO idea how or why it still resides with me...but it was collecting mega dust in the garage - so I gave it a facelift!

And do you know what this is??! We donated the other 'half'...forgetting all about this piece that had been put away behind things...forgotten about for many months now. James even tried to put it out with the garbage...but the trash collectors didn't take it, haha! I think it was a sign that it was meant to have another purpose. So... this crib rail will now serve as a perfect display piece, to hang onesies & tutus from at the street fair!

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  1. you are so creative it is not even okay. love all of this! - michaella


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