Friday, January 29, 2010

Carts filthier than public bathrooms?? SICK!

And THIS is why we use a shopping cart cover (take note sis!!):

Now, we originally bought this cute Eddie Bauer one at "Tar-Jay" (which caught my eye mainly because it matched our color scheme of brown, green & pink) for $20 bucks or so...

But after a few times using this...I'm officially over it. I HATE tying the damn sides to the cart and it doesn't fit in the Costco carts...DUH, why didn't I think of this tiny detail before I bought it??? I'll blame it on pregnancy brain...just like the time I told James we should downsize from a CalKing to a Queen (which he agreed...probably because he didn't want a pregnant Calista arguing with him)...Now, all we do is b!tch to each other about the fact that we now have a small freakin bed....fabulous.

Anyway...back to the point of this post...I've been wandering around online trying to find either a great deal on one of those super stretchy covers that are universal for any shopping cart...or should I muster up the strength, time & energy to make my own. Of course every online tutorial/video I have found seems so complex or just too time consuming. I'd be super stoked & proud of myself if I actually made it...but that means I'll have to go buy the sewing pattern somewhere & then decide what fabrics to use...and HOPE that I do it right...ugh.

I'm leaning more towards buying one...but I'm broke. What to do, what to do....ORRRR...buying one from someone that makes them on Etsy or Ebay! VOILA...I think that's the best of both worlds! Let's see what I can find...wish me luck!

I just bought the pattern for $2.50, some fabric & other stuff...still need more pieces to this maybe I'll have it done in a week or I need even MORE luck, haha!

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  1. LOVE etsy! You should sell your stuff on the site!


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