Saturday, July 10, 2010

MC - Day 2

Day 2 has come & gone...and I'm still at it! Finished JM Day #4, drinkin the tea....working actually as well. WTH is my problem?? Well, the OT pay is not too shabby, James is at work, the kid is aslee and all our DVR'd shows are ones we watch together. So I'm just enjoying a quiet evening. working. blah.

So today I actually felt a decent amount of energy - I did some light cleaning downstairs, laundry, errands...and while working out, I realized that I'm not sore at all - especially compared to yesterday when I could barely make it up/down the stairs without my thighs trembling in pain. Crazy how sore you can get, how out of breath you can be & how much sweat one can produce, from just a 20-min circuit training type workout with good ol Jillian!!

OH - I did the SWF this a.m. Got it all down...until the last 4 sips. I almost dumped it down the sink...when I just chugged it. Bad idea. I walked outta the kitchen to turn on some 'toons for K...and oh god, that dreaded feeling you get before you are about to're like, salivating & keep swallowing over & over - justy tryyyying to pull it together. breathe. breeeeeathe.

Not so much - 1/2 the drink came back up. DAMNIT...had to re-drink a new batch, though I only made about 16oz more. So I don't think I had the full effect as it should've. Tomorrow I'm going to make sure I drink it over the course of 30 min or so...just to make sure NOTHING comes back up. ick.

No real cravings either today. So weird. I mean, I missss food don't get me wrong...but I thought I'd be dying right now. Hum...maybe I'm just in the right mindset. Though the BBQ I smelled outside a minute ago made my mouth water a bit, haha. I think for next time, I'll start the cleanse at the beginning of the work week instead of the end. I don't have food readily available to me at easy access to it like at home. And I barely eat at work normally... so I think next week should go by quickly & easily. We'll see.

Actually, it appears I'm AM a bit out of it...because I had a crap ton of edits to make in thist post just now, wow, ahhhahaha. I needa warm shower & my cozy bed. Adios.


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