Friday, July 9, 2010

MC - Made it through Day 1

It's 9pm...I finished JM 30-DS day #3 today, can't believe I had enough strength to make it through. I'm more sore from the previous 2 days than weak...but I'm soooo tired. I almost fell asleep while giving Kapri her bedtime baba in the rocker at 5:45!!!! Now I'm drinking my nightly 'smooooooth moooove' tea - which has got to be the most absolutely hilarious name for a tea right?! But the name does deliver a promise, that's for sure. It's a nice change of flavor from the lemon drink & water all day.

I made it through day 1 almost too easily. Is that weird? I've been stressing about "can I do it" for the last few days...I think already having gone through it before, knowing the taste of the lemon drink, knowing the steps/process, knowing the side effects, etc., makes it a bit easier than say, someone doing this for the very first time & has no idea what to expect. I drank my whole 1st 32-oz bottle of lemonade and made my 2nd bottle when I got home. Days 1-3 are the known to be the hardest....crazy to think that I have not eaten since last night, ahh.

I worked all day...and have been beyond swamped for weeks the day went by fast - which is a good thing when you're hungry as hell. But the SECOND I got home, my tummy was screaming at me. It knows that home = kitchen, which = yummy snacks. I'm a snacker for sure. Parmesan goldfishes, freshly toasted herbed pita bread with carrots & garlic hummus, chips & salsa...ohh, or these delish garden veggie Wheat Thin crackers, omg, I think I'm craving SALT......just a tad...think that's my first real craving of the day actually!

Ugh, more food talk. Also this afternoon I took a walk with Kapri & Mika. We stopped by my mamma's house & she had a TON of huge lemons to give me from her lemon tree - SCORE! I doubt they'll stretch through the whole cleanse, but we'll see how much juice they produce (need a cup a day to split between the 2 bottles).

I'm dreading doing the SWF tomorrow morning - though it'll be nice to have some saltiness, as mentioned in my previous paragraph, haha. And I'm trying to figure out when the best time to drink it will be. I don't wanna be in the middle of playing with Kapri or holding her, then realize that getting to the bathroom is critical at that exact moment. I usually feed her breakfast around 8:30am - you're supposed to give it about an hour to kick in & 'flush' you out. So I'll drink it at 7:30 after her a.m. bottle, then maybe while she's securely strapped in her highchair, I'll be able to make a bee-line for the bathroom a few steps away when needed. Fun fun, right? Kinda TMI, but this is what 'cleansing' is about...there's no other way to get toxins & junk outta your body this quickly. So it is what it is.

OH and I already lost 2lbs one day, but that's water weight -- so we'll see what the weight loss is after Day 10. Though it's usual for you to gain about 1/2 or more of that weight back...I think doing this cleanse once a year is good - maybe I'll make it a tradition, hum.

Wish me luck...dang this post is long - especially for not having any pics in it. Oh well, it's my form of a journal...releasing my thoughts is theraputic. nighty night blogspace.

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