Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update to: "Away from my loves" post


I have to share my experience when I finally came home to 'my loves' after my work conference.

So...I rushed outta that hotel on Wednesday morning...on only 5 hrs of sleep, no breakfast and with a 45 minute drive home ahead of me. As I turned onto my street I couldn't stop smiling in anticipation of seeing Kapri (James too of course). I pulled into the garage, got all my crap out of the car and as I walked out of the garage & into our patio, I could see Kapri in her highchair, with James feeding her breakfast. I made sure she didn't see me creep by the window as I went to open the sliding glass door. I pushed in my luggage first, then pulled the curtain away from my face...she took one single look in my direction & flashed me the BIGGEST 2-toothed smile EVER! She started babbling at me & trying to get out of her highchair, arching her back & looking at dad like "get me the hell outta her NOW so I can see my mommy!!!"

So James finally got her out and lifted her up, she didn't take her eyes off me as he handed her over...I reached out for her like it was the first time I'd held her, and immediately got emotional. My eyes filled with happy tears and as soon as we hugged each other I melted all over again...her head went straight to nuzzle my left shoulder and her arm swooped across to pat me on the back (as I do to her after a bottle to burp her, haha). I cried & she babbled on....and told her how much I missed her (I'm 100% positive she was telling me the same).

Anyway...that was my 'coming home' story...I was such a happy momma that morning...reunited with my lil chunk-chunk! It was moments like those that I will cherish forever & ever & ever.

This isn't a pic of that day...but it's still cute & shows her hugging me!

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