Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy 100!!

I cannot believe I've had enough random thoughts & happenings to actually get to ONE HUNDRED posts.

Right now, I wish I had:

100 pieces of jewelry
100 bottles of wine
100 free sessions to mystic tan
100 cute outfits for Kapri
100 pairs of shoes (for myself!)
100 more square feet in our house
100 loaves of banana bread
100 vacation days
100 free gallons of gas for my car
100 free plane trips
100 more minutes of sleep each night/morning
100 mm of more hair length
100 dollars

I'm sure my list could go on & on...but I'll stop there  :-)

PS...this was me, exactly 1 yr ago...about 26 wks (almost 7 months) pregnant...awww baby belly!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. aw, love it! And you had the perfect basketball belly!

  2. Geez louise! I just realized I'm only 2 posts away from my 100th! I'll have to do something to celebrate. hehe

  3. i love the list too, especially the banana bread and sq feet. i cannot believe that was 1 year ago. who knew your little belly would pop out such a little cutie pa-toot-tie...can't wait to play with her in ONE WEEK!


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