Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ice cream treat

Yesterday was my sister Chelsea's birthday - we went for a quick, light dinner & then to Coldstone's for some yummy desert!

I think Kapri likes it...

Then we celebrated with dinner tonight (our youngest sister KayLee had to work last night). We did the same as last year for her 21st (well, the dinner part, with our fam). BJ's is SO good, we always get the same chicken dish & split it between her & I because it's massive. And of course a celebratory drink & a scrumptious "Pizookie" - I definitely spelled it wrong in her bday post from last year, hahaha!

The part that was really different, was Kapri sat in a booster (1st time!) instead of the high chair...and ate off our plates, instead of the perfectly diced & sliced options I had brought from home last time!


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