Friday, January 28, 2011

Nursing...aka: on-demand mommy cow

Memories of countless sleepless nights in the first week after K was born. I was rummaging through some cookbooks, when I stumbled upon a binder which contained a few of my breastfeeding trackers - man oh man - I cannot believe I was able to FUNCTION living like this...literally nursing all. the. time. Which is how she got her nickname, 'chunk chunk' as a baby.

So here it is...if you want to know how much sleep you will NOT get in those first few foggy weeks - just check this out (sorry, kinda hard to read):
K was born on 5.20.09 - so this was just 6 days later
Notice how I don't have any pee/poo diapers circled...that was due to lack of sleep & frankly I was over recording that after day 3...she was gaining weight so quickly, the doc wasn't worried about tracking that! Also note that "Feeding Duration" and "Baby's Mood" are completely I could really calculate the duration of each & every feeding when I'm a walking zombie...pshhhh, yeah right. And baby's mood? haha...HUNGRY. clearly. duh.

She was my little "Barracuda" - according to THIS 'nursing style' article, haha!!

I gave up these trackers maybe around day 10-12...then I switched to my note pad in my handy dandy Blackberry (see pic below, it was attached to me like that kid was!) - I literally recorded it just the same as the above tracker. Yes, I'm kinda OCD. I soooo wish that I had an iPhone back I could use those amazing nursing tracker apps they now have!! Next kid for sure! Don't get #2 isn't being considered for at least another 3 years. Ish.

 I basically NEVER left this spot on the couch.

But after all is said & done...I still wouldn't trade it for anything. Look at that little her little milky coma sleep. Love.


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